This Campaign is set in the prestigious land of Calcarther. The country has been the greastest in the 4 regions for a millenium, but it did not get that way by setting idely by as the rest of the world so often does. It is heros and adventurers that have made the land so great. Rich in history and filled with Politics the Country is ripe for the Adventurer seeking knowledge or uncovering the past. Heros have fought, died and risin above all the rest. Now a new hero has the oppertunity to rise up and help the already great land of Calcarther.


The Theme of this Campaign is Exploration and Good Old Fashion Heroing. Our Protagonist is a noble-born grity kind-hearted adveturer. He sets out to see the world far from his home, where he can meet new people and see new sites. What better place to explore and become a hero than Calcarther.

The DMs Style

I plan on using Deep Immersion Storytelling to drive the Campaign onward. Encounters will be more so centered around traps and puzzles. Ill throw in alot of Nature, Politics, and Enchaments. Ill probably be giving more In-game Rewards instead of XP and Gear.